New to starting my first fresh water fish tank!

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Nov 1, 2011
Hey names Tony, And right now I'm shopping for a fish tank. Probably about 40+ gallons. And I have several questions regarding new fishtanks. I am experienced in breeding fish and other aspects of taking care of fish, but I never actually started one from scratch.

What I am planning on putting in my tank.

Tiger barbs
(Maybe) Rosy Barbs
Bushy or clown Plecos
Zebra Danios
And ONE Red tailed shark OR Rainbow shark.

Now I dont know anything about cycling a fish tank or how long it takes, I've just heard of different ways of cycling the fish tank. Such as taking water from an already cycled fish tank and putting it yours, putting rocks or other objects that already were in a cycled tank, Using no fish and just a shrimp from the grocery store, Using no fish and using flake food, Using no fish and frozen brine shrimp, Using very hardy fish such as tiger barbs to start it out.
Oh and if I by a used tank with a used filter would I still have to cycle it?

Thank you everybody for the help

Edit:Thank you for the info all! but I have a more updated post here
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