New to the forum and I come with a lighting question!

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Jan 12, 2013

I have a 55 gallon tank that currently has a few plants that seem to do well. I do have co2 set up and feed with seachem flourish twice a week. I am interested in introducing some HC to the tank but am concerned of the lighting requirments, as you can see in my profile I am running two fixtures, one 48 inch coralife dual bulb T5 with one 28 watt color max and one zoo med 54 watt HO plant bulb, also one 24 inch T8 with a 17 watt zoo med reef sun bulb. I also have a 21 inch white/blue LED system but that's really just for looks. Please anyone with experience any feed back on if this is enough light for HC , or if not what changes could I make without having to buy more fixtures? Thank you for reading!
Welcome to the forum. I'm not a plant guy so I'd say make a thread in the planted section. You'll get more views there.
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