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Apr 1, 2014
Hello all. We all have different journeys with our fish tanks, and we've all made mistakes along the way but the important part is to learn from them. I joined another fish keeping forum a few years ago and everyone felt a bit elitist there, so I had left. I've been scouring this community for quite some time and overall it seems to be a very relaxed, welcoming environment. Kudos. :)

I currently own a 20g hex and a 5 gallon tank with a Dragon Betta rescue living inside after several years of owning a 40g that unfortunately cracked (all fish rescued before the water depleted, at least). The tank was put together and I saw a sickly looking betta at a local pet store and I couldn't help myself. It seemed as though the people selling him didn't realize he was sick otherwise he would've probably just been euthanized or discarded, so I was happy to offer him a home. :) However, because the hex drives me mad I will be upgrading to a 75 gallon or 90 gallon tank.

Happy to be here and happy to learn.
Welcome to the forum :)

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Hi. You picked a great forum. Some very nice, friendly and of course knowledgeable members here....enjoy(y)
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