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Mar 14, 2013
Jenison MI
I have 4 tanks 150,180,33,50 all fresh water. I have had tanks for 2 yrs now. They are my life besides my work and family. My African cichlids are busy fish and awesome to watch. I have all 3 lakes mixed into 1 and they have been great. They have grown over the last yr a lot. It seems Africans are my favorite fish. I have had Discus and they were sweet. But they were a lot of work doing PWC was every other day routine. Now it's 1 every 2 weeks. It's back to being enjoyable again. I also have a few Fancy Pleco'$ they are my next favorite fish. Very cool color and body shape. I have 3 golden nuggets L077,L018,not sure what the little guy is. Some others I have are queen arabesque,Blue panaque,galaxy pleco,3 beacon pleco. My L077 golden nugget is boss of all of these fish although the galaxy pleco is the aggressive one out of all of them(y)
Hi LostInFish,

Welcome to AA! Your tanks sound interesting. African cichlids are beautiful fish with cool personalities. I have some Kribs myself. However, if I had a large fish-only tank, I'd love to try Frontosas. Your plecos sound cool too. Some of those fancier species can really be spendy. But sometimes it's just worth it to have an uncommon fish or two.

Anyways, explore AA and more importantly, have fun.
Thanks a lot and your right those plecos are costly but I think it was worth it they look awesome!

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