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Johnny Boy

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Jun 12, 2012
Ipswich, UK
Just a quickie to say hi to everyone on the forum.

I am in the UK and have a bit of a passion for Fish-keeping. I have a Tropical Community Aquarium and a 4000 Imperial gallon (4800 US Gal) Japanese Koi pond. My knowledge is primarily Ponds as I have my own pond construction and maintenance company (no names as I am not here to advertise) but I am on here purely as an individual with an interest in the subjects of the forum.

Ok Lets have another go at getting a couple of photos on here. Apologies if these are too small or Large but it won't let me use Photobucket and actually suspended me from posting last night as after a couple of tries I was considered suspicious :)


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That is amazing! Wish I had the room (and the temps) for a koi pond. Beautifully done
Wow that's really neat!

Thanks glad you like it. If you click on the pic of the koi you can see little greenish blobs between the fish and this is actually Limescale on the bottom of the pond which is 6ft 2" (1.85m) deep but to be honest the pond was built over 12 years ago and before I started doing it for a living so it is due for a major revamp once the finances allow. To give you an idea of scale the pond is 20ft long by 7ft 6" wide although the gallonage is reduced because my wife insisted on planting ledges (waste of time now the Koi have grown) also the Sanke (Red, White and Black) Koi in the middle is 30".
You Assume correctly, Apparently the pond and a community aquarium is enough :facepalm: although to be truthful I have little enough time as it is :huh:.
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