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Sep 25, 2010
so today i went out and got my son the eclipse 12 and just set it up. we also stopped by jacks aquarium and were going to get fish and they told us to wait at least 24 hrs. so i was just wondering what kind of fish would be great and look neat in this tank that we are starting out with. but also in the near future im planning on getting a 50 or 100 gallon tank any ideas or any info would be greatly appericiated

thanks for all your help,

Welcome to AA :)

Bad advice from the LFS that told you to wait 24 hours. In my signature, you'll find links to fishless cycling and understanding the nitrogen cycle. You should read those and get an understanding of what a cycle entails before even thinking about getting any fish.
Welcome to AA! :)

I completely agree with MFD. Don't settle for the canned corporate response at the LFS.
thanks for all the responses and i think im going to wait longer than 24 hrs to put fish in the water only question now is what kind of fish should i get for the tank???????????
There are a lot of options for a 12G tank. What fish interest you?

A heater and filter are recommended for any tropical tank. Additional aeration may not be needed depending on how much surface agitation is produced by the filter. You can always add more if you like the bubbly look though. :)
Alright so i ended up getting some fish tonight after i had my water tested and everything was fine i also added a 50 watt heater and a little bubbly aerator for looks. The fish i ended up getting were black skirt tetras and zebra danios. But now i have cloudy water should i change my filter now or rinse it off or what or is there some sort of conditioner to clear the water up that i should use?????
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