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Aug 13, 2014
Hello. I'm new to this hobby and this looks like a great place to learn from others.
Have 96g fresh waster with 5 ciclids. 2 purple parrot(orange) and 2 jewel ciclid and 1 salvini ciclid. Water temp 78c. PH 7.8
Currently going through a fish cycle (also added starter bacteria). Ammonia low,nitrites high,nitrates rising.
Changing water 10% week.

A few questions.
Can I add conditioner to tank prior to adding city water. Seems to be a few differing opinions.
I have a bully ciclid that forces the other into the corner (purple parrot ciclids). Will this settle out eventually?
Feeding three times per day.

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Welcome.Yes u can add it before you fill jes make sure to use correct dosage. Also use a gd declorinator such as prime or any gd one. As for the ciclid give dem time and hiding spots if u can. Alot of hiding spots will help wid teritorial issues !!

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