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Oct 10, 2008
Hi my name is Cassie. I've been reading different topics on this site for about 2 weeks, and I finally decided that I should become a member.
The only experience I have raising fish is from when I was younger, and it was just some goldfish (though they bred like rabbits and we ended up getting rid of them becuase we didn't have enough tank space).
I'm interested in starting my own aquarium, hopefully before to long, and the species I'm most interested in are Tiger Barbs, Painted Tetras (the natural kind, not the artifical painted ones), Bloodfin Tetras, and Oscars. I know I don't have enough experience to take care of an Oscar, but hopefully one day I will :p
I joined this forum looking for help and assistance in starting an aquarium, and maintaining it. Thank you all in advance, and it's very nice to meet you
Welcome to the site!
I'm a saltie so I can't help you, but you will find many gurus in the FW section.
Welcome to AA!
I don't know that much about freshwater either, that is the wife's department will have her take a look at it tomarrow to see what she has to say.
Thank you all very much ^ ^
I may start a saltwater tank after I've been able to handle a Freshwater after awhile...I heard that saltwater tanks are harder to maintain. But the fish are BEAUTIFUL :)
welcome aboard...newbie myself..into Marine and wanting to learn corals...I looked at this neat site too for a couple of weeks and decided I couldn't find a nicer place to learn...

welcome to the site.

im deffinatley a newbie but i know, for sure, that you wont be able to keep the tetras with an oscar.

the tetras will become lil snacks
Welcome! I am kind of new too, but am also a Salty, but you will find a ton of info on FW too!
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