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May 16, 2013
Calgary, AB
Hi, was wondering if anyone could offer suggestions as to a night-viewing LED fixture or strip. I have a 2x250MH+2x54WT5 fixture and was looking to add a night light. I have two actinics in the T5 fixtures so would be looking at an external that I could fix to the bottom of my MH fixture or run a strip along the edge of the tank.

I would think one that I attached to the bottom of the MH fixture would need to be pretty heat resistant?

Hope there's some suggestions out there. thx
There are simple LED strips that will stick to the back glass and come in a variety of colours, including just blue. They are water safe and some are even designed to be fully sumbersed. Just don't go overboard on the amount of leds. I have 8 on my 4 ft tank and it is plenty. I suspect each is a 1W bulb.
Any particular brands/temperature that I need to look for? Truth told I am not sure what a night viewing LED is, if it's just a low wattage LED or is it a specific temperature or size?
You'll need to use your discretion. It can't be too bright so that the tank has no night time. I used a single 1 watt, blue LED over top of a 200 gallon tank and it was plenty bright.
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