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Jan 5, 2009
Hello. I am looking for a good T5 fixture for a 20 gallon tank. Would this be a good setup? Current Nova Extreme High Output T5 Fixture-24

It looked good, but I am not sure if Actinic bulbs were beneficial for freshwater planted tanks or not. Also, what kind of bulbs could I replace the included bulbs with? Just other 24 watt fluorescents?
I can't help in the FW world, but I had that for my 55 (bigger light). I found the legs to be somewhat flimsy. You will have to replace them with the same lights and make sure the end connectors are the same.
hmm 96 watts of t5 over a 20g. seems like alot of light. you will have to use co2 and ferts, almost 5 wpg should be able to grow anything. and yes actinic lights do nothing for plants so if you did get that fixture you would need to switch out the blues for 5600K bulbs, and yes as long as they are T5 bulbs you can just use any bulb.

what plants do you plan to grow? if you arnt growing super high light plants id go with the cheeper freshwater version with 48 watts, its about 100$ cheeper and you wouldnt need to buy diferent bulbs
I just bought the 48W 24" freshwater version of this light the other day from Ken at


I got it yesterday in the mail and set it up over my 26 gallon bowfront. It seems to be working great and the box came fast and in great condition (and its cheaper then bigal's). Plus Ken will price match if you find a better deal. He's great to work with! He has mostly saltwater stuff but he carries this FW light (and other equipment that doesn't matter if its fresh or salt)
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