Nova extreme pro T5 20 inch light fs

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Jul 6, 2006
I have a nova extreme pro T5 for a nano for sale I got it for mine but it was a bit more than I wanted ... it is used but only has 4 months on it so you should beable to use the bulbs for a bit longer before replacement , it also comes with the legs ... I am asking 200 shipped OBO
it will ship the day payment is recieved and cleared ...





That's an excellent price Sadie.. almost a steal. If i still had my 10G i would have bought this fixture from you. Hope you find someone to buy it! Although with that price i'm sure you will lol.
Lol, i would but.. i have a 25G cube now. Which is going up fairly soon and im buying a 150w MH pendant for it.
any one this is a great light for a 10 gallon nano getting ready to auction it :D
6 t-5s on a 10 gal nano? wow. what were you trying to do, give the sand a sunburn?
Those lights carrie just a little more than what mine has on it at 80 and some use 96 watters ..... Some folks use MH up to 150 on thier tanks ... I would say it is over kill for 150 but 108 is not that much it gives better color and par and t5s are now becoming the standard for most ...:D
In a nano it is sometimes difficult even with PCs to controll the temp ...
However in the summer if you have central AC and an open top well :p
On a closed top like the bios if you open the feeding door this helps too ... I run fans on mine with a RK2 to cut back on top offs tho I still must do so daily :)
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