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Feb 1, 2004
Mobile, AL
Has anyone ever heard of/used a CF light by this brand name? Reason I am asking is my LFS has them for less than half of what the corallife lights run. If they are a decent light i may get a set of them when I change my bulbs out again, but not sure, since the only things they had were the actinic and 12000k bulbs.
the wiring can be a little shotty in there units.. If you know how its suppose to be wired (or can find out) so you could fix it if something might go wrong.. then its definately a cheap way to go.. HTH
Dont think the wiring will matter, as I am not going to buy the whole fixture, just the bulb. Only reason I ask is I dont like to buy things to put over my tank based just on price, not after the time and efforts i have put into the tanks. thanks for the input though.
IME the bulbs are not of great quality. The first pc fixture I bought from them (65 watt 24 inch) worked fine but the bulb blew after 20 minutes of use. I now replace all bulbs as quickly as I can and keep theirs as spares if something goes wrong or I want to test a retrofit. I haven't had a problem with their fixtures though except for the legs. They were all but useless on my 48 inch fixture.
As a side note, I don't like the three switches to control all 3 banks of lights (including the moonlights) because they are all on one plug. Cant use a timer if you want to stagger the lights.

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