oh where oh where have my pods gone?

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Jun 21, 2004
West Lafayette IN
oh where oh where can they be?

I used to see tons and tons of pods EVERYWHERE in my tank but I never see them anymore, besides the clump of macro algea in my sump. I had a fairly big outbreak of cyano, but that has been taken care of via adition of macro algea and more live rock to the sump and a euroreef skimmer. However, my pods are nowehre to be seen. Basically I am waiting to get a mandarin but want to be sure he will survive.

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Fish will prey on the pods in the display. The sump should give the pods a protected environement from predators where they will reproduce freely. However, if the sump is underneath the tank, most of the pods will be destroyed as they pass through the pump back to the main display.
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