ok I give up: how do I send a PM?

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Jan 11, 2005
I know this isn't really the right forum for this but I didn't know where else to post it. How do I actually send a PM? I can type one up, but when I hit the "submit" button all it does is sit on my Outbox, not my Sent Box. Yet I can't see any command to actually send the darn thing.

I'm clearly missing something really, really obvious...and it's driving me nuts. Help! :x
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When you click "submit", the PM sits in your outbox until the member you sent to opens it. Then it moves to your Sentbox.

If a PM seems to linger in your Outbox, don't worry. Most people (I think!) have their PMs sent to their e-mail, and they might not open the PM again here at the site. Hope this helps!
ahhh....ok. Yes, that helps completely. I was worried that the Outbox was more like a mailbox e-mail clients usually have, called "drafts," where the message is stored and not sent so that one can edit it more before sending it.

Thanks for the quick response...I can rest at ease now! :D
You're welcome!

When the post is still in your Outbox, you can click on it to bring it back up, and edit it. When you submit again, it does not send a second e-mail (if e-mail notification is in the recipient's profile) but the edited PM is in your Outbox waiting for the recipient to open it. Hope that makes sense!
In addition if your one of those folks who likes to keep a tidy house so to speak and delete messages in your outbox before the recipent can read them the recipent will NOT see the message. So dont delete messages in ones Outbox so as to facilitate the recipent being able to acutally receve and respond if need be.

As was described some members never look at the PM's on the site since the message contents is often e-mailed to them aswell. I would also like to interject that when you get these e-mail notifications one will still have to visit the site to reply. We get a few times a week folks hitting reply on their e-mail and typing sometimes a long and drawn out response. Those responses never reach their intended recipent.
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