Okay, she had her babies... now what do I do? PLEASE HELP

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Jan 23, 2009
oKAY, My Mollie had her babies. Looks like 3 are left (Unless there's more hiding in the rocks) All of the Mollies have been in a seperate 10 gallon, I took out the 3 adults so the babies won't get eaten. But here's my questions, do I still run the filter? It seems they are trying to swim REALLY hard against the current and I don't know if that's bad for them. I did cover the end of it so they don't get sucked up. (a few already did) Also, do they need the bubbler going too? Or will just the filter provide enough air bubbles for them? I crushed up some goldfish flakes, will this be okay for food or should I get something else?

Any responses quickly would be nice as I don't want them to die!

You can get a prefilter for the filter. What kind of filter do you have? If you can turn the flow down, other options are if you have an Aqua clear filter sponge, cut a slit in it and put it over the filter intake, that will also slow down the flow. Add some ornaments to break up the direct flow to the filter.

Get them some tropical flakes and crush them up for them. Mollies and goldfish have different dietary requirements.

You can leave the bubbler on if you want, they don't mind the bubbler.
Thank you. For the filter I put on this little cloth baggie thing that came from one my victoria secret bras that they put the extra straps in. It works good, I just put it on and then pulled the strings tight around it. I havn't put the bubbler on because they were all hiding everywhere trying not to fly away. Now they're chillin up top hangin' out. I also put the mother in a breeding net for a little while in case she's not done, it looks like you can see more in her belly through her skin. I am getting some tropical flakes too, I just got back from the fish store and that's what he suggested too. So I'll get that tomorrow. Other than that, I think I'm okay now, I was just freaking out because I didn't know what to do and they were being flung all over the place. :)
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