Old school reefkeeping maybe not so old

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Mar 15, 2004
Northeast PA
I was going thru some of my aquarium reference books that I've accumulated over the years and came across 1 I thought was pretty interesting. "The Marine Fish & Invert Reef Aquarium" by Albert J Thiel (printed in 1990) was the "bible" when I 1st started reefkeeping. Suprisingly not much has changed in 20 years, or at least not as much as you would think.
The biggest changes are in biological filtration and alkalinity. Back then, before someone thought of using live rock in your sump, bioballs (and lots of them) were the way to go. I followed this method successfully for about 15 yrs till I made a bigger sump and used lr instead of the bioballs. The other very interesting change was the recommended alkalinity level. Back then, and obviously before there was success in keeping SPS corals, you were looking at alk in the 12dKH to 18dKH level.
The basics of reefkeeping haven't really changed much in 20 yrs. The biggest changes are in lighting and chemical filtration. The requirements haven't changed, it's just alot easier to provide them now.



lol, dont know what to say to you Larry. You got it signed the year i was born. You are defiantly a old timer in my book. But interesting none the less. I might just have to see if i can find myself a copy of that book.
Actually quite a lot has changed, my bank account is a testament to that! lol Nice find there ;)
Very cool to see, and interesting to know whats changed over the years. Neat to see how far the hobby has come. Agreed... autographed copy.. awsome! :)
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