Once upon a time there was a mussel

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Jun 20, 2017
Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
Hello there!

My name is Manon, I'm from the Netherlands and I've always had a huge passion for fish. My first memory is owning a freshwater mussel when I was 2/3 years old and even though it didn't do much, I cried my eyes out for days when he died ?.

Anyway, I started with aquariumkeeping in February 2017 and I love how much progress I've made and how much I'm learning. I really could spend all day talking about fish, but the people around me were getting crazy so I decided that this might be a better way to vent!?

The longterm goal for me is to have a Lionfish in the future. They're are my fav fish and absolutely stunning. Right now I have two 8 gallon tanks with fire shrimps and 5 guppies and fry. I'm planning to start my first saltwater/coral aquarium later this year.
Such a great tale of how you started with water critters!

Welcome and it will be fun. Yes, woefully so it seems, many of us do not have those around us who want to hear more and a sentence or 2 about the tanks.

People here is another story!!! We love hearing about them!!!
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