Opinions needed on a Sump Refugium

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my big problem is the skimmer.. what kind is it? Not all skimmers work well... Probably not a bad deal if the skimmer works.
Yeah, I was wondering about the skimmer. I don't know the brand name of it. I thought that it was a good deal but I wasn't sure.
I was just going to convert my existing sump to a refugium/sump as a DYI project, including replacing skimmer (Aqua C Remora), but after seeing this post, I think I'm going to go far that deal!
The skimmer LOOKS like the 200 gal one in their skimmer section, but I'm going to call them and ask for details.

Thanks for saving me a lot of time!
Looks like a pretty good deal. Something else to think about though. I just finished a plumbing job on a 90 gallon and was originally going to use a 20L tank as a sump/fuge. I got as far as gluing the baffles in place and decided that I would really like to have a bigger fuge than what I could squeeze out of this set-up. The 20L is actually the same dimensions as the sump you're looking at except that the 20L is 6" longer. You're not going to have much of a fuge with this thing.

What I finally ended up doing was using an acrylic sump with the same dimensions as a 20H. I picked up a cheap 10 gallon aquarium to use as a fuge and took both tanks to the glass shop and had them drilled for 1" bulkheads on the ends. These two tanks fit perfectly under the 90 gallon with about 2" between them and I just connected the two together with a short piece of 1" PVC. This gives you really effective space utilization in the stand and a lot bigger fuge.

If you don't feel much like a do it yourself project then what you're looking at looks ok, but I think it might be smaller than the picture makes it look.
I ordered it last weekend. I should get it some time in the next few days. Since I'm a new to SW, this will be my first skimmer. So, I probably won't be able to give you a recommendation. But I will try let you know about the system.
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