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Feb 28, 2007
I have two megaflow overflows on my tank. I want to run pvc into a sump and back up to the tank. The two bulkheads from the overflow drains are 1" and the directions say to connect them to a 1 1/4" inside diameter flex pipe. I want to connect the flex to PVC. One of the drains have a tee connection to run into the refuge and into the sump. A ball valve will connect the flow into the fuge.

The bulkheads for the returns are 3/4" and the directions say to connect them to a 3/4" inside diameter flex pipe. I have a mag drive pump which will sit inside the sump. The size of the in and out connections on the pump are 3/4" (inlet female, outlet male). I would also like to run PVC, connect it to flex piping and then connect to bulkhead.

Can someone tell me all of the pieces (including clamps) I would need to accomplish this and also provide advice as to the best way to install the plumbing? Pics would help.
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www.melevsreef.com & DIY Plumbing 101 should cover all the basics on the types of fittings and amounts you need which will vary greatly depending on the exact setup you have.

I'd T off the return to go to the fuge versus having it come from the drain but that's just my preference.
Forget the flex pipe. Buy slip bulkheads and plumb the whole thing with flexible PVC. Use 1" PVC for the drains and 3/4 for the returns. The 1" pipe will fit into the 1" bulkhead and the same with the 3/4'. Go to home depot and get PVC cement and primer and just follow the directions. You can find an adapter at Home Depot for the pump also. Its 3/4" threaded on one side to screw into the outlet of the pump and a 3/4" slip on the top to put the pvc into. I have my whole tank plumbed with flex pvc and its great.
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