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May 6, 2014
I was on Instagram last night looking up reef pictures. I came across a guy who had a 50 gallon (24 x24 x24) with a 20 gallon sump. Had a skimmer big enough for 250 gallons and something to keep his nitrates consistently Low.

There were 52 fish in this tank!
12 species of multiple anthias, 3-4 tangs, foxface and some clowns.

Someone please explain to me this situation and just your thoughts!

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That's undoubtedly overstocked. Even if the filtration can handle all those fish which is quite impressive with all the waste manufactured and food needed, other problems are bound to arise. Territorial issues and space. There's not enough room for each fish to claim it's home in the aquarium and not to mention they're being packed in there like sardines! And the atrocious fact that there are multiple tangs in a 50 gallon makes it even worse. I don't see the justification or success long term of having so many fish in a small aquarium.
That tank is doomed to failure honestly. Even in a fresh water tank that is soo overstocked it's obscene.
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