oyster food??

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Dec 26, 2004
i have an oyster in my tank

i jus got him from the grocer an thought it would help with filtration n my tank

should i be feeding it anything??

it seems to open when i vac the sand during water changes

am i jus starving it to death slowly??
You got an oyster at the grocery? My guess would be phyto plankton - DT's or similar but not sure what ind of luck you will have with an oyster.
Oh boy, I would take it out. Most oysters you get from the grocery store are atlantic oysters. They come from much colder waters then our tanks are ussually set up for.
I like the recommendation of DTs. It is a good food for filter feeders.
is 20 degrees cel to warm??

i think it was from british columbia so pacfic ocean

i had it for about a month or so
I suppose that might not be too bad, what does the grocer keep their holding tank at temp wise? I take it this isn't exactly a reef tank then, that's what most of us were thinking...
If it lasted a month already then your fine.. The only issue is feeding it..
I had one and it only lasted 2 weeks..
My little neck clams are doing well.. started with 6 and I now have 5 going on I think 6 months now.. I dig them up once in a while to see how there doing.
i tried a clam as weell but i don have enuff sand for them to digg so....
I would also say photoplankton. Weird thing is you stated you got it to help filtration in your tank but dosing plankton can easily foul your water if over dosed. As long as you enjoy it then it is worth it.....Good luck.
spike said:
is 20 degrees cel to warm??

i think it was from british columbia so pacfic ocean

i had it for about a month or so

There is nowhere on the coast of BC that's 20C. We average anywhere from 4 to 14C, so hopefully it's not too much of a traumatic change for the little dude. The Pacific is colder than the Atlantic on this coast - instead of that nice gulf stream we get water from...Alaska.

Maybe you'll get lucky and get a pearl or too.
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