pacific sailfin tang Not looking so good

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Nov 20, 2009

please help!:uhoh:

had him around 72hrs in tank and the fins are starting to, what i can only be described as, wither. (fin rot?)

ammomia - 0
nitrate - 0
phos - 0
cal - 420/440
water used - RO/DI
salinity - 1.025 (hydrometer)
temp - 25C (77F)

tank has been setup for around 2 months (moved 2 months ago, was setup for around 4 months before that).

whats in the tank:

coral beauty, 3 regal damsels, cardinal, spotted manderin, coral banded shrimp, hermits, polyps, mushroom anemones.

all doing well bar the new introduction.


4 x t8s (2 power glo/2 actnic)
V2 400 protein skimmer
2 x koralia's

i'm assuming this is either stress related or some disease (fin rot) but need a diagnosis so i know what to do next.

thanks in advance

Hard to tell from that pic, but clamped fins can be a sign of parasites. The fins rotting away is a bacterial infection, usually from poor water quailty. I assume you just bought it and thru it in your tank with it being qt'ed?

2 month old tank with 0 nitrates? hmmmmmm What are you using to test the water? If you don't have a qt setup, you should start doing some water changes. Improving the water quality in the tank by doing water changes never hurts anything. If you see outward signs of parasites, you will need to get the fish out and into a qt.

And I hope this fish isn't in the 25g tank listed in your My Tanks info.
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he spreads his fins quite regularly. (also notices a slight cloudyness to his right eye only). will try to get a better pic this eve.

as i dont have a qt (i know i know, im working on it) i acclimatised him by sitting the bag in the water for approx 40 mins then opened bag and let a small amount of tank water in. after an hour i let him in the tank (he swam in himself to be honest looking fine)

the tank and water have been running for approx 6 months maybe longer.

im using API master reef test kit. test every weds/sat. this is the first time i have seen my nitrates at 0 (i did the test 3 times to confirm result) last week it was around 10mg/l.

25% water changes weekly with RO/DI water. in that i put coral food + coral calcium + amino acids + buffer.

i presume you saying you hope he's not in the 25G coz of the size he will get to? sorry he is in there.

also on a tangent, i got rid of my canister filter (405 fluval) so the only filtration i have is the skimmer (V2 400). is this recommended? im happy with the setup but wouldnt mind some more technical input on the matter.
first day he was in. bottom fin showing signs of fin rot
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but he will not make it in that tank. Too small of a tank will hasten parasites and disease due to lower immunity.
Pretty fish, but Capt is correct in the withering of fins and blurred eyes being a bacterial infection. These fish belong in 125g+ aquariums.

This yellow tang lived in the same tank for over two years so I didnt think it would be an issue....i hope he will be ok.

also purchased eSHa oodinex medication. (anyone heard of it? i havent)
apparently 'reef safe' but will only use this as a last resort as dont want to treat my show tank and get the meds into the LR.

the sailfin hasnt got any worse and was swimming around as though nothing was wrong gobbling up brine shrimp in garlic like nobodies business.
lol, I did notice that but wasnt going to say anything as need the correct advice ;)

This yellow tang lived in the same tank for over two years so I didnt think it would be an issue....i hope he will be ok.
Sort of reminds me of how Puppy mills are run. So what that the dogs are couped up in a 2' square cage their whole lives. They MUST be OK since they are pumping out puppies...........
Point taken Capt, the yellow tang (you'll be glad to hear) is now in a 350L (92 US Gal) tank.

I think listening to my LFS about what is going to be suitable in my tank has to be taken with a pound of salt.

has anyone heard of the medication eSHa oodinex?

Never heard of that medication. Hold on medication and just start working on PWC's every few days to keep water conditions pristine. Fish have remarkable recuperative properties if water is pristine and they are not stressed. It may have been due the short acclimation you did. You need to add a couple of ounces of tank water to the bag every 5 mintues for 30 minutes or longer to acclimate the fish to the tank. Drip acclimation for an hour would be best.
Even though that fish may be small now, it won't be for long. Mine is in a 125 (6' long) and I wish the tank was longer. Consider returning it or getting it into a proper home.
You need to add a couple of ounces of tank water to the bag every 5 mintues for 30 minutes or longer to acclimate the fish to the tank.

This is what i did. I'm pretty sure its my damsels that bullied him initially, but now he has settled he's chasing them round which is surely a good sign (please correct me if im wrong).

water wise: have been and will continue to do PWC's (15/20%) every 2/3 days for the next 2 weeks (is that long enough? or too long?)

water parameters were the same last night as i stated in the first post (bar the nitrates which are at about 10 at a push, not sure why nitrates were showing 0 before???)

thanks for the advice.
Some times Nitrate readings go off due to excess algae in your tank.
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pipe down boys ;) it'll be fisty cuffs next :)

I do have a bit of hair algae in the tank so that does make sense.

the sailfin is looking a lot better today the lines on his fins are getting better, so he's recouping well.

thanks for all the advice (and put downs ;))

will keep you updated on his recovery.

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