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Mar 27, 2013
Does anybody have any good ideas for building a DIY partition to separate two halves of a 75g tank? Right now I have some screen material attached to two separate strips of eggcrate ceiling material (leftover from cutting eggcrate for beneath my substrate), but it doesn't hold tightly against the glass so little fishies can swim past.
An acrylic or plexiglass sheet cut to size with hundreds of holes drilled in it with some sort of diy thing using suction cups to hold it in place? You might be able to cut little notches in the plexiglass that fit in the round part on aquarium suction cups where the little arm the attaches to a spraybar or intake hose would go. If that makes any sense. Eggcrate was my other thought but you did that.
Is this a show tank or breeding tank?

Do you want to separate this into two different tanks each with their own filter and heater?

What type of filter do you have?
It is a show tank. I'm separating male aulonocara from the unknown juvies until the latter are big enough to sex. Just in the few days since I put the poorly constructed partition in, separating the dominant male teenager and his subdominant crony away from the 13 unknowns, I've seen the next guy man up and just barely start to put on some color. It's amazing. But I think my screen is going to fall down at any moment and then all he** will break loose when the bigger guys race back over to undo the next guy's new-found dominance.

I have two sunsun 302b filters pulling from the left side of the tank and spitting back into the right side. I'd like to keep the water filtering through the whole 75g rather than moving the tubes around to give each side its own filter.
I found a great alternative to the eggcrate idea: a plastic air conditioning vent filter. Lowes has one about 22x22" for $10 that's made of black plastic in a 1" grid, found next to the cheap cardboard and paper ones. It comes with a carbon pad which I suppose could be used in the tank but I left it out and instead lined my grid with screen material. I cut it a tad large so I have to bend it a little into place, which keeps it nice and tight. And the black is less obtrusive than white eggcrate.


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No, it's for air-conditioning ducts. The frame anyway. The screening material is just that: screen.
I buy those knitting sheets from walmart or draft store that come in different colors or clear and then buy a pack of report covers from walmart and use the binding for all 4 sides of knitting sheet once you have cut to size needed ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1388956690.670896.jpgImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1388956701.386003.jpgImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1388956710.586416.jpg
Those report cover binders can sometimes be found in bulk without the covers.
Entire project cost about $5 and can easily move in tank or remove. I know have a buddy at ace hardware who has been cutting me custom flexi glass that I use with she binders to support.
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