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WOW. I buy fish there too. Good thing my impulse purchases are limited to fish I already know about.. I'm terrified I'll buy something that'll eat something I already own or vice versa.

I bet one wouldn't be too happy in my 55, eh? :mrgreen:
looks like a member over their wants them. he has a 2000 gal. tank. Whoa
i really cant believe a pet shop around here would sell such a fish :-'
how can anyone be surprised anymore? Not going to say this is what happened, but sometimes stores order things and end up with things they don't know about. This pet store I use to help out at sold some fish she thought were pacus but later on realized they might have been pirhana which is illegal to sell in this state... but that's not what she ordered from her supplier... Who knows what happened...
When I read the title to this I thought it was one of those venting type posts complaining about people's ignorance... All I can say is that this is America(well, a lot of us here) and we're all brainwashed by the media everyday that we "need" things and we should always have whatever we want etc... People see something they like and buy it, or a salesperson tells you what you like and you believe them. I hate to say it but I bet the majority of people here have fallen victim to that type of behaviour before whether it had to do with fish or something else. No matter how many times we see this sort of things happen and no matter how many people we try to change, there really is no end in site. We're going to keep seeing the same things over and over and over again... "but I still have a positive mental attitude..."(quote from veggie tales 'Jonah')
Anyway, sorry for my little rant.
I have not spent much time at Reef Central, but they seemed to offer more sarcasum then suggestions on that thread. Boy, do I love AA
I part of RC and they tend to be less personal, so I don't post there alot (my handle is Hyde). I sometimes post here and there when I really need an answer.
P.S it is illegal to posses tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) without a special 50$ permit. At least in Florida.
need to remember that there are prob 3x or more members on rc than most sites ! so yea that will happen ! its like people saying i hate state farm they drop alot of people ! they are the largest insurance company out there so yea they prob do drop more :-/
i also feel that rc has more advanced reefers there than most sites ! just have to get in with the right people i guess! i only look at the local forum due to alot more items foe sale in my area :)
If anyone out there posts on RC on a regular basis, please do not take offense to my comment. I am only basing what I said on a single thread that I observed. Just seems like most were not offering any practical solution to the author's problem. I have visited several online aquarium forums and there is a reason I call AA my home.
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