persistant clouding of water

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Sep 5, 2002
Northern Va
OKay... so we had a little issue with our ammonia levels last week that caused our water to cloud up quite a bit. Now, after a series of water changes and treatments, our water is testing perfectly, but is still much cloudier than I would like. Is there anything that I can do to resolve this problem? I currently have a 60gal hexagonal tank, with a whisper filter, containing a needlenose gar, an opaline gaurami, a gold gaurami, a black knife fish, an H-Line cat, three black skirt tetras, and a tiretrack eel. I lost my most beloved dragon fish when the ammonia levels went up, and as of now am very concerned with adding any more chemicals to the water, and consequently I have no clue how to fix the clouding. Any help??
Could be a bacteria bloom caused by the temporary high ammonia. Try reducing your feeding amount for a few days. Uneaten food contributes to the bio load of your already taxed system. I'm guessing it will go away in a few days.

From your posting , I assume your tank is fairly newly set-up , and i would agree it is probably a bacterial bloom, it should clear up without harm to your fish, just be patient in addition to the earlier suggestions! :lol:
Yes, it is a new set up.. been running for about 3 and half weeks. Thanks for the advice, it's much appriciated. :D
My personal option is that is an awful lot of fish to have in a tank that is just starting out.
Yeah, the number of fish was actually a large concern of mine. I worked in a really great privately owned pet store for a very long time, and really learned a lot about aquariums.. that was 2 years ago however, so I'm a having to re-learn a lot of it. My signifigant other had kept several aquariums as well, and we'd decided to start this one together. So despite the fact that this is a horrible thing to do, I blame the early stocking of the tank on his persuasion. :oops: I have, however, after this experienced convinced him to leave everything as it is for at least 2 months until our system is better established. Thanks again for all the help.. I'm very pleased that there's somewhere as efficient as this forum.
I just wanted to let everyone know that the water cleared and the ammonia levels stabalized. :) However, our tiretrack eel is missing.. I upturned all the rocks to see if maybe he was hiding, but he wasn't to be found. I'm afraid that he may have been eaten. :eek:
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