PH required for pushing H2O thru a chiller

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Jul 8, 2005
Debary, Florida
Hello. I am going to be installing a chiller soon into a reef tank. The person I am installing it for wants flex tubing for the plumbing job. Therefore, I am thinking about placing a Mag 5 in their sump to push water to the chiller. The Mag 5 would be dedicated to the chiller, and wouldnt power anything else. It is a 1/3 HP Current USA model. Does anyone foresee any issues with this? TIA.

That chiller is rated for flow rates of 720-1320 GPH so you might want to get a 9.5 or Mag 12 for better results. What sized tank is it going on and what amount of cooling is needed?

There are plenty of other quality pumps on the market as well.

Browse through for other brands.
Thanks. It is going on a 90. That is what they wanted to do. The 9.5 or 12 will not fit. It's one of those "space constraint" issues.
The Mag 5 will work but just not as efficiently. I assume the chiller is under the tank as well and the intake/return will be getting water from the sump and returning to the sump.

Since the chiller can handle higher GPH loads couldn't you use a larger pump to go through the chiller and return to the tank thus reducing the need for two pumps?
They have a Little Giant external pump handling the return, etc. The Mag 5 is dedicated to the chiller, and is submerged in the sump. The chiller is outside of the stand, to the left. There is absolutely no room left in the stand now. Everything seems to be going fine. Thanks for the input.
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