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Jul 27, 2006
Hi all, I know I haven't posted in a long time but I'm trying to be more active again. I had a question for those of you that take such nice pictures of your aquariums.

I am not a good photographer by any stretch, which makes it harder than most for me to get decent pictures of my fish. Any tips for camera settings, lighting, etc. that would help me produce some really nice pictures?

Whenever I try mine, it ends up so blurry.

I moved this to the photo section. Read the stickys at the top for some suggestions.

When I take pictures of my fish I set the shutter to very fast and click away in macro mode. If I am taking the full tank. I turn off everything but the tank lights set the shutter to very slow, don't use the flash and brace the camera so I dont move it while shooting. I usually average one decent photo out of every ten I take. I find feeding the fish helps since they come to the front that way and arent paying any attention to me and the camera.
You can also try taking pictures shortly after lights on, while the fish are still "groggy". As usual, use a fast shutter speed and as high an ISO setting as you can tolerate.
Turn down any lights that aren't on the tank itself. If you're trying to take pictures of the fish, Stephen had a great idea. Fish don't get up and go right away. Get them while they're waking up.

If you have a macro setting on your camera, try using that. Simply put, it basically does up close pictures.

I'd avoid using the flash if possible as the lighting in the picture will look quite artificial.
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