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Jan 17, 2007
just wanted to share a picture of a mount I made for the Coralite 4X64 aqualite. It seems all the "legs" on the market for this light do not allow you to use a glass canopy. The legs restrict the glass canopy from opening. Yes-even the legs they sell that tilt!
I took solid oak and made a frame for the top edge of the tank. I made uprights that allow the light to sit on high enough for the glass canopy to open.
It matches the oak stand and is functional.
Anyway-they should let you know the legs dont work if you have a glass canopy!!
A light on legs (i assume with no canopy) looked terrible to me, especially in a bedroom. So I built a canopy, cheaply, to house and hold the light, no legs needed, no glass cover needed. I like it much better.
Darn--The picture didnt attach--said too big--hmmmmmmmmmmmmm how do I make is smaller?
Cliffz said:
Darn--The picture didnt attach--said too big--hmmmmmmmmmmmmm how do I make is smaller?
Without having you download and install new software, and unless your PC already has a graphics program, you could upload it to (on online image host that does allow hotlinking).

Simply go to the site above. Click browse. Locate your image file. Then click on the button "Host It". It will take a bit for it to transfer and when it is done the page will change showing you 9 different options for showing it in your messages. And, it's already formatted with bbcode! I tend to use the "Direct link to image" and then wrap it with URL tags at other boards I am a member of.
picture -2nd try

cropped picture to about nothing! Didnt work!
It's not too big because it's a large photo (cropping helps but isn't always necessary). It's too big because of the file size. Reduce the file size and you will be able to post it. Is it a jpg file?
Nice match to the top and congrats on getting the photo posted.

in reply to tecwzrd: "nice match"
If I understand you correctly,
I didnt have to match the light uprights to the "existing" tank oak trim
-I built the entire thing!
Stand came only with bottom cabinet! no top border.

The stain on top piece (homemade) does match bottom "store bought cabinet.
(sometimes I get lucky!
:lol: I was thinking that you just put the uprights on but am even more impressed that you built the top from scratch :) The bevel looks professional and I'm glad you clarified it

Thanks! table saw---beveled edge! chop saw--45degree corner---The interesting design part was getting it to "sit" on the tank frame. glued and finish nailed braces.
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