Plants turning to membrane

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Sep 27, 2022
Plants turning to membrane/mesh, but sprouting new leaves.

Hi, some of my plants are thriving, while some seem to be turning to membrane/mesh. They are still alive and growing as they will establish new leaves, but as soon as these get to a reasonable size, they seem to die off.
2 plants seem to be doing this, while others in the tank are growing well with no issues.
I add tabs once a month to the tank, and also add JBL daily plant food once a day/every other day.

What may be causing this?


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Tank is 6 neon tetras and 5 scissor tail rasbora. Have never seen them eating the plants.

Last readings were
Nh3 -0
NO2 - 0
NO3- 0/5 id say some where in between based on test kit colour)
PH -8

Tank temp sits at around 22-25
That nitrate is very low. You really want it up towards 20ppm for plants.

Whats your water change schedule like? Maybe cutting back on water changes will get it up higher.

If that doesnt fix it, then look for a fertiliser that has a good amount of nitrogen in it. The fertiliser you are using doesnt have any in it. Depending on where you are located, NA Thrive is a good one to use if its available in your location (US), here in the UK we can get TNC Complete. Tropica and Seachem also do fertilisers that have some nitrogen in it. Aquarium Coop have Easy Green too.

At the end of the day, not every plant will thrive in every aquarium. If the others do well, but you have trouble with swords, don't try and grow swords.
i have a 60L tank, and usualy do a 12L siphon (so 20%) once a week, and then once a month or so will do a 18L/30% ish change, where i will give the filter a clean in the siphoned water, and add tabs or liquid fertaliser in to. Despite feeding the fish once every 2 days, i do find alot of debris in my tank, which is why i change so much as its all essentially where im tryign to collect the debris from the base. Whats your thoughts on this?

Based on your final point, i think your right that these plants just arent for me, ive had them for about a year, and whiel always alive, have never flourished.
Not really. Reducing it "might" get some nitrate in the water and help the swords. Or that nitrate could just go into that cabomba (i think i spelled that right). I keep cabomba and its very fast growing in my tank, completely taking over a 60 litre in a matter of a month if i dont keep up on pruning. It consumes a lot of nutrients.

Your water is very clean with your water change schedule and the fish will love it and apart from the swords your plants do well.
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