Plastic scissors

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Nov 11, 2003
Kew Gardens, NY
How do you prune your plants and remove dead/diseased leaves? I have some amazon sword leaves that have to go, but the stems are too tough to pinch off with my fingers.
I'm very reluctant to go sticking my desk scissors in my tank.

Does anybody make plastic scissors?
What about stainless steel toenail scissors - would they be safe?
I have a pair of those toenail clippers...they are "Tank use only" tagged to keep those harmful toenail nasties from infecting the tank. They cut really well.
Cool. Thanks, guys! 8) :D
I'll get some SS toenail clippers at the drugstore, and while I'm there, I'll see if they also sell SS tissue scissors.
I use stainless scissors from the hair cutting section of my local Target.
I bought a set of stainless steel aquascaping tools that included long-handled tweezers, scissors and a rake. That has been the best investment in tools that I ever made for taking care of my planted tanks. I use them more than any other tools I own. I know they are currently sold by
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