please help on size of tank

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Jun 3, 2009
can anyone help me on the size of this tank it is one i am looking at online from someone and they say its a 50 or 55 gallon but my husband says he dont think it is and i dont know the measurements

fish tank.jpg

fish tank 2.jpg
they are suppost to get back with me on the measurements and i hope you are not right so i dont have to admit my hubby is right lol they only want 100 dollars for it with everything included
oh well she sent me back and said her dad said she measured wrong and it is actually 17x36x12
and so was my hubby and i fussed with him that the people should know what size their tank was and now i have to admit that i was wrong DANG IT!!!
what about his one this person hasnt emailed me the measurements yet
but i'm thinking more on the lines of 50 or 55
i asked for them maybe he will send them soon i have been searching for about 5 months now for a 50-100 and most of the time the case is that most people get the gallons confused

ok now he has sent them back 48.5l 13w 21 tall
I wonder is that tank rolled down the hill and into the water after they took the picture rofl. Who the heck would take it there.. to take a pic of a tank. If that was a public park.. they must have looked like complete weirdos. Anyways that looks like a 55G to me.. The sides are pretty skinny like mine, and it looks like its 4ft. But yeah, definitely need measurements to tell what it is.

Haha i was right. Its exactly the same as mine. Thats a 55 gallon tank your looking at.
57.3 it says i am ok with that for $75 it comes with tank, stand, hood, lights, and filter system so i dont think that is bad
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