Plexiglass vs Acrylic

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Jun 5, 2005
North Carolina
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I just found a 200gallon plexiglass aquarium setup for sell. I have not seen the setup yet so I have no idea what condition this is in.

What is the difference in plexiglass vs acrylic. I know nothing about plexiglass or even if its the same thing as acrylic.

Thanks for your help.
Plexiglass is a brand name of acrylic, that is they are the same thing. Check it out in person for scratches, ask to see it filled (for leaks), and look along its sides for bowing to make sure it hasn't been stressed. Hope its a great deal, that is a mammoth tank!
Remember that an acrylic tank must be supported across the entire base where as glass only has to be supported along the outer edges.
Thanks for all the good advise!

Supposal this guy needs the money real bad and has everything for the tank filters, lights, stand, hood etc.. He said that he would take 400.00 for it. I just hope that its not all beatup and scratched up. 200 gal would be an awesome tank. Not real sure how to even filter something that large.
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