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Jul 23, 2003
OK. I need a bit of help. I am starting an established 180 I bought this weekend and am changing the design.

I have a 100 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank for a sump. I heard they are hard to baffle, so i thought if I put two 18 gallon rubbermaids sunk inside they could work as baffles. The first would be a skimmer compartment and use the skimmer output as circulation back in the main sump. The second I coudl perforate the sides of theone with rock and sand to promote waterflow. I know, I may have to use a small submersible pump in the end to accomplish this.

I am using the extra overflow box because I have a Little Giant 5.5 and I think that will cause too much flow for a single overflow corner, I may even use 2.

Either way, this will be a 180 gallon FOWLR with about 240 gallons total volume. This look like it works or do I need to adjust something.




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I think it will work. Do you know what the overflow is rated for that is built in the tank?

The only thing I would change is I would put one of the drain lines in with the skimmer and "T" the other off so that part of it goes into your "fuge" where you have the LR rubble and then just let the other dump into the main part of the sump.

That is how the flow works on my tank. One drains into the skimmer its self ( I have a recirculating skimmer) and the other goes into my fuge.
I like it, that way I don't need a circulation pump for the tub. I can just have it overflow into the main sump area and be pumped out.

Just looking at this after your comment in your other thread...

I agree with Ziggy953. I like the idea of having Rubbermaid tubs within the big tank. Seems like an inexpensive and effective way of doing it. Let us know how it works over time. I'll have to bookmark this idea and put it in my "When I Get a Bigger Tank" folder!
Yea, I thought it would make for easy construction, maintenance, and will still look nice and not be all over the place. Also gives me room to make changes as I go along.

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