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May 16, 2002
Cedar Key, FL
I found out yesterday that there are Photo of the Day sites, where you submit pictures and compete for the "Photo of the Day", well, I nkew they existed, but hadn't identified one as such and hadn't entered any pics until yesterday.

careful with these. I should say some of these. Some of these sites are fronts simply for gathering images that they then re-sell on photo-cds or other stock photo services. Read their copyrights/privacy/EULAs carefully. The fact that the one you linked to has NO copyright or poster rights given and just their own "Copyright 2004, AzColt.com" on every page, makes me (the paranoid guy) a little nervous.

Uploading an image to these sites basically gives them the right to market, sell and use your images as they see fit.
Photos are copyrighted material of the photographer. They may not be used without permission. Good Luck.

On the page I linked to, well aware of the issues of some of these contests.
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