Poll:To nano or not to Nano.... that is the question...

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To Nano or not to Nao...that is the question

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Oct 27, 2004
Wilmington, NC
So I just closed on a refi of my house and I have a little extra money from the closing. I am trying to decide if I should go with a nano-cube or a bigger tank. there are advantages to both:

Nano Pros:
*The nano-cube comes with everything it needs.... pumps, power head, 8 WPG 50/50 lighting (getting the 12G Deluxe), LED moon lighting.

*It is pretty much just an add your LS and LR and a quick cycle then you are good to go.

*I can easily get RO/DI water for the entire thing.

*Can get the LS and LR immediately and be up and running.

*VERY cost effective

Nano Cons:
*Harder to maintain water parameters.

*Am very limited in the type and number of fish and corals I can put in it.

90Gal Pros:
*Much easier to maintain water parameters.

*Much more versitility to put more number and varity of fish,corals, and invert in it.

*Will fit the size of the wall and room more appropriately.

90Gal Cons:
*Will have to buy everything seperately (only real con is the price thing... it is a pro that I will be able to pick and choose what I want s far as the equipment goes).

*Will have to check my tap water and hope that it is okay for water for the tank, otherwise will have to get an RODI system for the house.

*Will have to wait to get all equipment 1 piece at a time (didn't get THAT much money from the closing).

*Will be several months before I am up and cycleing the tank.

SOOOO what do you all think? Votes and comment would be appreciated.
question, are you talking about those nano kits that that have the tank on the funny looking stand, that cost like $124 dollars but has everything, or are you talking about you have your own tank and supplies already?

personally if your want to buy one of those "nano kits" i'd rather put the money towards a big sw tank, and get more for your money
I am talking about the JBJ Nano-cube 12 Gal Deluxe. It has everything included in the kit... lighting, powerhead, filtration, overflows....everything except a protien skimmer. It also doesn't come with a stand. It runs just under $200 for it, or I can go with the 24 Gal Deluxe for about $300.
I suggest secret option number 4...get them both. Actually, I would start with a larger tank and gain experience with that first. After a while add a nano somewhere else in the house.
90g Nothing happens fast in this hobby. Took me four years to get to a 150g tank. I started with a 10g, then went 29g, 55g and now my 150g. Lots of lessons learned along the way.
I agree with the bigger tank as it will be more forgiving if your water parameters should stray. IMHO I believe that a person new to SW should start with at least with a 55 gallon tank but as stated that is IMO

I love my tank, check out the thread I just posted with some new pics!

And as far as a newbie going with a small tank, my first reef tank was my 10 gal nano......I think you will be fine as long as you post questions and read a lot!!!!!

FWIW I also have a 37 gal, I still like my nano better!
IMHO I believe that a person new to SW should start with at least with a 55 gallon tank but as stated that is IMO
(y) (y) (y)
I love my nano as well, but could not have been as successful had I not gained experience with larger tanks first.
my opinion: get the 90 instead, i mean why pour $200-300 (plus the stand) into a nano, and eventually just get a bigger tank in a year or so, and spend another $800 (yeah ok if you want to get all fancy with exotic fish and corals, $2000)

i mean, whats the worse that could happen, you dont like SW but can still use the 90g for fw

or even get the 90 and only fill it up with 10 gals of water, same thing right?

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