Power compact v. normal florescent

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Jun 25, 2004
LA, Ca
Any help opn this would be great.

Do PC's produce more light than normal output florescents? What I mean is would a 40 watt PC @ 6700' K put out more light than a normal output florescent at 6700' K. Would it reach deeper into the aquarium. What is the lifespan difference.

Basically Im looking for a general comparison between the two, any help would eb greatly apreciated.
Do PC's produce more light than normal output florescents?

Yes. Significantly more intense light.

They dont have 40W PC's but a 36W PC would put out more light than a single 40W NO florecent yes. It will also put out more heat.

I replace my PC bulbs every 9 months. I see a significant shift in specitrum and the intensity seems to drop off. This is with 10K bulbs so running a yellower bulb may not notice as much color shift.
Huge amount of difference you will be quite suprised by the amount of light a 65 w pc can put out compared to a regular flourescent
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