Price quote on RR Aquarium

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Jan 21, 2006
Illinois USA
My LFS is selling 75gals reef ready for 259.99, and then 79.99 for the overflow kit.

Is this a deal, within the norm, or overpriced?
When I was tank shopping about 2 months ago, I think the 75 RR was about $220. The overflow accessory kit is definitely overpriced at $80... should be $49 (you could just buy that online).

I paid 300 for my 65gal perfecto tank and stand (when i purchased both i got a 20 yr warrenty)
price also has to do with what the local market demands...

so in your area that might be the right price...
What brand of RR is it? Oceanics seem to be pretty spendy but I love my 58. I just wish I could find a source of them in Oregon so I could get a 110 instead.
they have 125g in a petstore here for 230 i wish i would have seen it before i brought the 55g
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