Prizm skimmer question....

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May 6, 2006
Is anyone familiar how these work? I have never used one and have just set it up in my tank.

I was wondering if the collection cup on top is suppose to be full of water?? I thought that the "foamy" stuff went in the collection cup.

Also makes quite a fuzzy/hissing noise... it is brand new, thought it would have been more quiet.

Any help would be appreciated.... thanks
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Cup is not high enough from the surface water if collecting water. All skimmers take about a week to "break in" before they start producing quality skimmate. Certain brands are louder then others.

What model did you buy?
Prizm skimmers are really hard to get to work right, even after its break in period. The way its supposed to work is clean (looking) white bubbles collect inside that clear plastic upsidedown fullel thing. A crappy brown/green layer of filmy bubbles builds over that layer of white bubbles and... in theory... bubbles over into the collection cup. The trouble with Prizm skimmers is that the flow dial is so touchy that if the skimmers not bubbling enough to make sludge foam into the collection cup, you turn the dial even a minute amount and it makes too MUCH bubble and just ends up over flowing with basically un-scrubbed water.
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