Problem with Elite Hush 20 filter?

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Jan 6, 2009
Good day Everyone,

I set up a 15 GA tank 12 days ago. The tank came with an Elite Hush 20 filter. The first carbon insert lasted 8 days before the red clog/change indicator popped up. The second insert lasted 4 days. The manufactured says the filter should last 1 to 2 months. As I have not filled my tank up with mud, is there something I may be doing wrong?

In the tank I currently have:
1 x Beta
3 x Ruby Barbs
4 x Red Eye Tetras
2 x Chinese Algea Eaters
2 x Mystery Snails


I gave up on the Elite Hush 20. Personally I think it is junk. Bought an Aquaclear 20. The water is clearer now then it ever was with the Hush.

I think the aim of Elite is to keep you buying their crap filter inserts.
Uh oh. I went out and bought a Hush 35 last night. I'll post the results. :eek:
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