Problem with Nano Cube

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Nov 22, 2003
Long Island NY
I set up my 12 gal Nano cube as a planted tank with a male betta. My only problem is the third compartment in the back tends to get low with water. I try to keep the tank full so I don't run into any problems. I have my heater in that compartment and I don't want the heater to run out of the water. When I keep the tank really full , my betta likes to explore and ends up in the third compartment. I end up having to try and net him and put him in the main tank. He doesn't get in any danger, but I just want to prevent it. I'm sure I am not the first one to have the problem. Is there a way to put something on it to make it higher so he can't get into filter part of tank. I know that was a little long, but anybody have any ideas?
I'm not really farmiliar with the Nano but can you put a screen over the compartment? I'll try finding pics of the tank online to get an exact view of it.
I had a similar problem with my betta QT tank - a 2.5 gallon minibow with an internal filter that was open on the top and the level of the water in the filter was the same as the top of the water in the tank. The betta could get into the filter. I cut the toe section of a piece of new, clean pantyhose (just get a cheap pair of knee-high hose) and stretched it over the top of my filter. I used black hose so it would blend in. You could try something like this. You would have to cut another opening to allow for your heater to fit through.
Hey deg. I'll take a look later when I get to an actual computer and see if I can get a visual too. Sounds like you might have a defect with your baffle or something, like it's too short or something. Maybe you can find small eggcrate to attach to it to extend it?
I have plenty of extra egg crate. The pantyhose idea sounds good, too. I will try something over the weekend.
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