Protien Skimmer and UV Sterilizer

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Oct 3, 2002
Highland , IL
I am setting my 150 back up on saltwater FOWLR w/ a 70 gallon sump. I am looking for a cheap Protien Skimmer and UV sterilizer that can handle this volume of water. All of them I have looked at outrageously expensive. Any suggestions?
Nothing in this hobby is cheap. If it is then it probably does not work. The AquaC skimmers are good for the money. As far as UV....If money is tight I would put a little more $$ in the skimmer and get the UV later. Turbo twist is the UV I would recommend.
Just got an Aqua C also. I wouldn't go w/cheap either. Better than having to buy another later if you don't like cheap after all. Probably the EV 120 might be good for your tank. That's just my latest preference for my new tank. I agree with Brendan and wait a little for the UV if money is tight.
I just can't believe how high skimmers have gotten. You would think price would go down as technology got better. I could buy a new tank for what the good skimmers cost. I will check into the AquaC. Thanks guys.
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