Puffer is a hoarder

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May 28, 2011
Virginia Beach
Porc chop has a serious clam hoarding issues. I placed the clam on the opposite side of the tank over a half hour ago .He needs help lol.
i love this!! gave me a great laugh .. perhaps you need to submit your puffer to the tv show "hoarders"
I might have to he is laying in them now it's been almost an hour and half and he hasnt moved an inch.
hes safegaurding hishoarding obsession lol you should keep adding small clamshells and see if he continues to hoard them
Lol i usually take them out the next morning when I feed him. It's sad I have to distract him with food because he will grab them out of my fingers if he's not eating
that is too funny, i could imagine him getting all bent out of shape cuz youre stealing his shells
I would love to see a video of your little Puffer hoarding clam shells:whistle: and then taking them out of your hand when you try to remove them from the tank:eek:.
The story was entertaining so the video would be hysterical.:ROFLMAO:
That is cute. I guess he just likes to keep the place decorated or he is hoping they will magically refill with food.
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