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May 8, 2011
Alberta canada
Hey all, I have a 90g reef tank and am wondering if there is a suitably sized species of pufferfish that is reef safe. I've always wanted a pufferfish (my last name is puffer) and have never gotten one as I like my reef tank more. Any help would be awesome.
I have a valentini puffer in my 40 gallon reef and he hasn't touched anything. Some say they aren't reef safe but so far so good. He's been in there since July...
I'm not sure there is one that's 100% reef safe. When doing research before getting mine ( Valantini) I read that smaller is better as far as nipping at corals and eating your clean up crew. Attacking your CUC is far more common with puffers.
I love mine but the one tough thing is feeding him everyday. They want to eat constantly and are messy when they do eat.
On the other hand they are awesome fish with great personality. My 5 year old gets a kick out of hand feeding him shrimp. They are not the least bit shy.
As mentioned on other threads, there are no real reef safe puffer. There are only reef cautioned puffers. Try at your own risk with any species of puffer. Even if you have one that has not eaten any coral for a couple of years does not mean that the puffer will never eat your corals.
I've had my bennetts puffer in my 55g for two years, for sure he eats inverts, and so far only nips at sps (which is why I don't have any) he leaves all my lps alone. That's my experience. When buying any new corals I get the smallest frags ($5 or so) to try before I purchase larger pieces. He is active and by far my favorite fish ;)
Well I've been looking at all your recommendations and just don't think it's worth the risk. I like my CUC and coral more than I want a puffer. Maybe I'll have to drill my old 29g and set it up as a species only.
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