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Sep 8, 2011
Has anyone ever use a purple light in there fixture cause when my aquaticlife lights came in it had one purple light but I replaced it so I have 2 whites and 4 blues but would the purple light be any good or those it make algae go crazy here's a pic of the tank :D


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It depends on the look you like. the purples can bring out more colors but it tends to give off a purpleish hue. I have 2 in my 12 bulb fixture now. :)

I would say have half and half, 3 whites and 3 blues, more balanced for corals. Or do 3 whites, 2 blues and 1 purple. That'd probably be the best combination
Thanks I will try it out and for sure balance it out with the whites what schedule do you run your lights on?
I have the blues on at 9 am then the whites at 10 am. The whites go off at 8pm and the blues follow at 9pm. :)

My corals have always looked pretty good too running that schedule. :)
Do you use moonlights? My fixture has them built in would it bother the fish if I had it on till the morning blues go on? Also are you using the purple with the whites or the blues sorry for all the questions
I don;t have any moonlights. If you like them and have them you can keep them on after your mainlights go off til you go to bed. The fish won't mind.

I have my purples running in place of 2 of my actinics so they come on when the blues come on and stay on the whole day after the whites come on as well.
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