put chiller in line with canister?

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Jun 13, 2008
Dallas, TX
All -

I'm looking at DrsFosterSmith's sale on Prime chillers. Can I put the 1/10 hp model between the output of my Filstar XP3 and the spray bar, or do I have to put in a separate pump for the chiller?

Thank you!
As long as the canister puts out the amt of flow recommended for the chiller, there shouldn't be a problem.
I don't think a loaded XP3 puts out 300GPH, the addition of running it through the chiller will slow it down even more. Additionally, I'd think you'd want to plumb it seperately so you can turn it off when needed without affecting your filtration.
I tried it with a Little Giant 'Quarium pump (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=4614 ) and am very disappointed with the noise from the extra pump. The tank is in the living room so I need to keep the noise down. It is considerably louder than the Filstar XP3.

I may go ahead and try it in-line with the XP3. The head height is only about 1', so perhaps it will work ok.
Well, that won't work. Talked to Current-USA, they want flow rate between 300-700, and I know I can't get that from the XP3. I like the quiet running of the XP3, maybe I'll look into getting another canister with a higher GPH that is just as quiet.
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