Q: Is this RO system good'nuff for me??

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Sep 6, 2008
I'm looking to buy budget RO system, I'm not looking to house real exotic stuff , just easy care fish and corals. I've looked at the Kent Bare Bones TFC like the one here
10 gpd TFC Bare Bones, Kent Marine R.O. Units | Pet Solutions

I've been using regular tap to top off my F/O and distilled Kroger bottled water for my nano reef

Will it do the job for what I want to do?

Man the $7.50 per 5gal of RO at the LFS is getting expensive.:(
You can get a decent 6 stage RO/DI 75 GPD for about $100 more and would be a better investment.
Thanks for the advice, I'll just wait until I have the extra hundred for the better one, glad you guys chimed in, nothing worse than wasting money on equipment that was obsolete/not usable the day you buy it, only to have to turn around and upgrade immediately. That is unfortunately what I did setting up my 37 with U/G filters and crushed coral, only leaving me to toss that crap once my LR with LS conversion is complete( currently curing LR).:nono:, yes I know.
Trust me this site has saved me more money than I even want to think about.
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