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Jan 2, 2008
Naperville Il
Thanks guys for all your help before. Short story. In my 90 gal.reef- fish tank i have all 5 fishes i want. In the future i will be adding only corals.Im very happy with my set up.All fishes are healthy.I know that probably most of you do not quarantine corals but i want to be worry free and take that step and quarantine them because since my fishes are so happy and i had some problems with parasites long time ago with my old bad set up and when i did not know you guys.2 months in 10 gal.Q.T .What light do i need to keep them happy? I m thinking of buying Viper HQI clamp lamp . It has 150 or 70 W bulb. I think 70 is O.K.W hat you guys think? I do not want to burn the since that tank is so small.Thank you!!!
What kind of corals are you interested in? I would lean towards an Aqualight (power compact) just because the tank, 10g, is rather shallow and you don't need a halide for penetration plus a pc will allow a better photo-acclimation period than a bright spot-lamp directly overhead.
I agree with James in that your tank just isnt that deep and some PC`s would really be all you need.
I would think so. The only problem would be if there was going to be some high light corals like SPS corals and if they were going to be in there awhile.
For a 10g qt this should suffice: http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~idProduct~ES53111.html It is a bit more light than you need for a qt, but there are ways to shade coral and/or raise the fixture if need be. The other is 28w version, but that might not be enough if you plan to keep them in qt for an extended period. You are not looking to maximize growth, but allow the animal to destress and look for unwanted pests or disease. Depending on the location of the coral in the initial tank (lfs), you might see a shift in coloration of the coral being under pc's, but that doesn't mean the coral is unhealthy either. The normal procedure for coral quarantine is that of fish, 30 days :)

**Oh, and I'm sure you could score a light such as this for much cheaper and even more-so if used ;)
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