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Apr 26, 2005
I was planning on going to jones beach and catching some fish to put into my empty tank. Honestly i didnt even set it up yet. Im waiting for all my equipment to come in. UG Jet shoots out water instead of sucking the crap in, basically a reverse UGF, it prevents crap from settling. So i should catch the fish put it into a 10 gallon? waht do i need for my QT tank? rocks or gravel in the QT tank? And i know that my power head is really stong, but its shooting out of 5 different jets dispersing the flow....IOno i just want some suggestions on whatever you guys think?
um... stop. turn around, do not go and catch fish. do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. :evil:

i think you really need to get your system up and running before you run out and pull fish out of the water.

have you cycled your tank yet?
do you have lights? food? filter / skimmer? SALT?
how are you planning on catching fish for your tank? 8O
also, what kind of fish do you expect to catch at the beach? 8O

i seriously think you need to step back and assess the situation a little better. i have been "planning" and buying and building things for my tank for several months now. patience is a virtue in this hobby. why are you in such a rush to get a fish? :roll:

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