Quarantine liverocks to rid unwanted critters

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Oct 9, 2005
I am starting up a new 6 foot tank about to add water and live rocks can I do anything at this stage to get rid of any unwanted critters like pistol shrimps and mantis shrimps?

I thought this is the best time to do this because once the tank is mature/fully cycled and fish/corals added there is no way to get rid of them, well, almost no chance. How can I let them rot and die in the tank while I am cycling? May be freshwater dip the rocks for few hours to frush out the critters before I put them in the main tank?

I know for a fact that some critters will still survive the cycling process as I have cycled my earlier tank before. My pistol shrimp survive when I first got them as well as aiptasia will also survive. But I am not overly concern about aiptasia as the peppermint shrimps can do the job just mantis and pistol shrimp that dwell in the new rocks I am worry about.

Any suggestion will be very much appreciated. Thanks.
I wouldnt fresh water dip, you will kill all the other goodies, maybe you can make up a big contanier with a salinity level off the chart and then put the rock in the mantis will jump right out of the rock. Just make sure you have gloves and a net or 2.
good luck.
nothin wrong with it but I just dont want to get the click click sounds in the tank. kind of annoying. also might pose a threat to my cleaner shrimp
I agree also but I would be worried about the mantis shrimp and any unwanted crabs that you might get on the rock. I just found out that I got a gorilla crab on one of my rocks. :( I think it has been killing my hermit crabs. Either way 2revup had a good idea. I would stick with it if you dont want anything on your rocks. Or you could just get base rock and go to the LFS pick up a few pounds of LR to get the coraline going. That way you can thoroughly inspect the rock that you are getting. You wont get any of those creatures on the base rock. Plus, its a heck of a lot cheaper than LR. HTH
Pistol shrimp are cool IMO but there is not a good way to remove Mantis without getting Pistols too. When I bought my first FL live rock, I was estatic about all the crabs and life. Then those crabs got big and started messing with corals.

If your main display is in the works, set up a QT tank for the LR. Do a FW dip on the rock for 5 minutes and then place back in QT. Wait a week or so and see if there is anything else left you need to remove. If so, FW dip again. Some stuff will survive a FW dip. If you want a pistol shrimp later, you can always buy a nice one. Might not ever see it but al least you know you put it in there :)
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