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Jun 26, 2006
College Station, Texas
I'm going to set up a 75g reef with a 40g sump.

What do I need to look for in a protein skimmer? How can I tell (by a picture) if it's high quality or not.

Which brands should I shoot for? I'm not looking for something top of the line, but I need something that is durable and does it's job.

I've been looking @ ebay and found 160G Aquarium Protein Skimmer In sump Wet Dry FREE PUMP - eBay (item 290325091274 end time Jun-27-09 17:25:16 PDT)

Would this work? I've learned that cheaper is rarely better when dealing with reef aquaria so here I am.
Look at the Octopus NW150, I think the newer model is NWB(?)150..

Your ebay one is probably crap
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